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Tony Steven – Australian Author, Explains How To Be Trustworthy

How We Can Become Dependable In The Face Of Need

Being dependable and transparent is a quality that many seek, both in the working world, and in our personal lives. If you are not dependable, it can cause a domino effect of unsuccessful relationships. Luckily, there are ways to improve and exhibit dependability.

Australian author, realist and educator, Tony Steven, explores dependability in ourselves, how we can harness it, and become trustworthy individuals during these uncertain and somewhat misleading times.

“Taking responsibility in becoming a more dependable person is easier said than done,” says Steven. “Dependability influences your reputation, your character, and your sincerity. It is a serious quality, undertaken by many, yet under-delivered by some. There are ways to work on this and maintain dependable behaviour,” Steven adds.

Punctuality: Showing up on time shows people that you genuinely care. Being a punctual individual displays your seriousness and commitment. Punctuality is having a mindset of being present, on time, and at the service of those who confide in you and your ability to assist them when you can. “It is a great quality in many people’s characters, and is universally revered as a quality that establishes authentic individuals through their behaviour and response to accomplishing tasks,” says Steven.

Honouring your word: When you make a commitment, stand by it. In these times, particularly with the prevalence of social media platforms, words have a way of travelling quicker than actions. A single broken promise to an individual can lead to a disastrous backlash, tarnishing one’s reputation and rendering them as liars and untrustworthy. Today, more than ever, people have the opportunity to revisit unfulfilled claims, and can use them against individuals for as long as they want to. Thus, staying true to what you do and say must reflect in your actions.

Respond often: When you’re a dependable individual, you respond to requests. While this may seem like common sense, it’s not performed by many. Taking the time to respond to others, regardless of the subject, shows that you do care about the circumstances of events, and that you are available to lend a helping hand when you can.

Organise yourself: It’s easier to be a dependable person when you live an organised and system-driven life. Set up helpful, habitual and thorough systems that work for you and manage to maintain them for the future. Being organised and system-driven means you have consciously thought about the process. Take the time and be aware of what you need to do. Don't just react without thought.

Be consistent: Consistency in a dependability context, proves to many, that you have your own way of coping through the toughest of situations through self-controlled and respectable actions. “Being balanced, composed and trained to consistently react diplomatically, earns the trust of others,” says Steven. “As organising your life through systems of character-building habits shows great discipline, being consistent in all that you do, lends itself to displaying your attitude as admirable, no-nonsense, and serious,” adds Steven.

Utilising these key dependability aspects will build your ability to be trustworthy, and on a personal level, be that shoulder to cry on in emotional situations. “The power of truth should not be underestimated, so it’s time to hone it,” says Steven.

Tony Steven is an Australian author, speaker, realist and educator who shows you the immeasurable power you have over the circumstances of your life. After a lifetime of research, reading and education, he has written a book entitled ‘The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility’.

Tony has also developed keynote presentations, webinars and educational seminars to show people that they are the ones responsible for their actions. Tony will lead you away from emotional motivations and help you see life for what it is, and provide key information for you to see the truth.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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