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Tony can and will style his presentation to your conference theme or specific requirements and make sure your audience is motivated and inspired to take back control of their life both professionally and privately, he will enable their own empowerment. Here are three areas for guidance.

Wake up and take control

Tony takes the audience on an emotional investigation of themselves and then turns the table on them. Showing how much we rely on false meanings and incorrectly assigned emotions. This presentation seeks to show the audience how much power they actually have over their lives and explains how to take control of their destiny.

Give the power back to your staff

Have you ever felt powerless when calling a large company or Government department just to be assigned to a telephone menu. Then comes a staff member who is unable to help, because they have to stay within their system. This is all because the power of decision making has been taken away from them. Tony talks about the importance is trusting your staff and letting them serve the customer fully.

What would a future based on Self-Control look like?

Take a trip into the future with Tony as he explains his vision of a world where many more people are taking control of their emotional and mental state. Where the majority of people are trustworthy, tolerant and resilient. In this presentation, Tony will explain the depth of awareness we all have and how to use it for the best results.

Imagine an economy where more people contribute, where more people can be trusted, where efficiency reaches dizzying heights.

Imagine an ecology where humanity sits within nature's capacity, where jobs begin to disappear and engagement is more important than employment.

Keynote Speaker

Tony Steven


Tony Steven The Answer is You
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