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What if we could trust more people? Imagine a world where giving was more predominant than taking. A world where everyone had an opportunity to live the life they deserve, safely and with more support.


You’re dreaming they’d say, but do you realise that in the US 1% of people are responsible for 63% of all violent crime. In other words, almost all of us are already peaceful and trustworthy. We live in the most comfortable time in history, more people live at a reasonable standard than ever before and in most places crime are lower than ever. It doesn't feel that way because we are slaves to media.


So, more self-responsibility is needed now to build on this amazing opportunity where marketing, politics, diplomacy and economics threaten us, and complacency will leave us vulnerable to the powerful few.

After listening to an audible book by Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game, where he talks of Just Causes and previously a book called Starting with Why, I thought I would do the same. Let’s see where this takes us.



Trust can be tangible if it can be seen to be reliable. To build a better world on trust we need to give, trust, and engage; we need to: Bring as many people as possible over to a mindset where they are self-responsible. This is so we can witness more people giving to others, making us all less self-focused. Also we need to modify bad behaviour by making more people self-aware.

Lets work towards this prosperity, happiness and trust. A world where we are safer and can keep all those around us safe. Where we feel we belong and loved and where we are engaged and giving.

So, our just cause is...


  1. Massively increase self-awareness: Action – my first step is my book, “The Answer is You”, and the upcoming Awaken to Reality seminars plus keynote presentations.

  2. Build self-control in individuals: Action - the "Step Back Campaign" (Coming soon)

  3. Promote a giving mindset worldwide: Action - highlight the importance of focusing on others not just yourself - "A New Way Forward", working title (A Second Book, on its way).

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