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Australian Author Tony Steven Talks Self-Responsibility Book

The Answer is You! Understanding self-responsibility

Self-Responsibility, is 'the state of being responsible, answerable or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management'[1]. As opposed to living a victim-like mindset, self-responsibility is crucial to the development of one's character and ownership of their circumstances. This concept of living has been addressed across the globe, yet practiced by few. It's time for self-responsibility to take full effect.

Tony Steven, Australian author, speaker and realist with over three decades of learning and experience, discusses his book 'The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility'. Steven pinpoints important aspects from his first two chapters that will serve as an introduction to self-responsibility in one's life.

"This book will help those at the very beginning of their awakening. The information herein will push one over the line into self-responsibility", says Steven. "Good luck. The road ahead, should you decide to take it, is hard, but very rewarding," he adds.

In the first two chapters, Steven introduces the seven stages of creation, and outlines how these stages are within one's control, directly, and indirectly. The seven stages of creation are: Ideas, Thoughts, Words, Actions, Reactions, Interactions and Experience. "These stages have been organised as chapters that will outline the steps of creating something in the physical world, and help the reader understand the influence one can have over each one of them as an individual and as a member of this universal community," says Steven.

Ideas, also known as the first step to manifestation, form an initial element to self-responsibility. Steven discusses how sometimes, people recognise a great idea and how, if implemented, it can change their lives. Ideas can excite people, even motivate people to make it so. Other times we let them slip. Ideas can change the direction of our lives, such as an idea for a new career path.

"The mind is an all-encompassing system that incorporates the total result of the brain, the body, and maybe even, some spiritual forces. The brain uses synapses to operate and these are physical structures, albeit staggeringly complex and magnificent. The brain will learn and create habits, a routine of behaviour that is regularly repeated, and tends to occur subconsciously to ensure you survive and live well," says Steven.

Simply put, the mind asks questions, attempts to see into the future, and projects forward using imagination; this provides us with the opportunity for ideas. Steven mentions that "the universe has no provision for good or bad, just cause and effect". Adding to this, any judgement on whether something or someone is good or bad is our own.

"It is in the realm of concrete thought that many of us build a refusal to understand the deeper self, a blindness to the knowledge of oneness, that is when we become selfish and it is then that we enable an ability to do harm," says Steven. "The deeper real self is incapable of this. This blindness is built by our ego. When we are caught in this rationalising state where we are capable of hurting others, we open ourselves to destructive emotions such as envy, pride, lust, and even hate," Steven adds.

Thus, self-awareness, learning, and meditation can take one to higher levels of understanding and, in turn, this can breakdown selfishness. "A self-aware person has to face these rationalisations because they can see the truth and it conflicts with the programmed or adopted self-beliefs, many formed in childhood," says Steven. When people take charge and face these truths, they open themselves to opportunities and possibilities that fit within the patterns of the universe.

"Truth is a token of trust, not what is correct, it’s what you know within yourself to be right. The truth relies totally on you and your application of self-responsibility to exist. But to know the whole truth you have to know all the facts, and none of us can know it all, so therefore on many questions in life, not all, truth is a matter of perspective," says Steven.

Tony encapsulates these themes, and more pertaining how people can receive ideas, and how people have to take full charge of them. One's self-awareness allows them to be in control, and act on the following points: education, experience, trial, error, judgement, meditation, focus, physical readiness, and truth. These form the critical growth of one's self responsibility.

Tony's first two chapters of the book are available on his website. Click here to read more on them.

Tony Steven is an Australian author, speaker, realist and educator who shows you the immeasurable power you have over the circumstances of your life. After a lifetime of research, reading and education, he has written a book entitled 'The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility'.

Tony has also developed keynote presentations, webinars and educational seminars to show people that they are the ones responsible for their actions. Tony will lead you away from emotional motivations and help you see life for what it is, and provide key information for you to see the truth.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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