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Australian Author Tony Steven Reveals Emotional Control Tips

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How Emotions Affect Behaviour And Tips For Controlling Them

For many people, it can be tough to control their emotions at times. Although this can be completely normal, it is crucial to control ones emotions as the way they are displayed can negatively or positively affect many aspects of daily life.

Tony Steven, a realist and an educator with more than thirty years of experience in business as well as non-profit organisations, explains why it is so crucial to have the ability to control one's emotions and give tips on how to do this.

"When we can control our emotions, it allows us to make better decisions no matter how big or small, and by understanding our emotions better we can respond to situations in a more constructive manner," says Steven.

Emotions allow people to communicate, connect and understand one another. If someone is in control of their emotions, they will be able to do this more effectively. Our emotions have control over behaviour and moods. It is important to connect with emotions and understand them as this will help to control them.

"Research states that if we suppress our emotions it can have negative consequences. This is because if emotions are stifled we are more likely to be aggressive and become annoyed more easily. The more we let our feelings and emotions buildup inside the more likely we are to explode or react to situations in the incorrect way. We need to control our emotions so that they don't control us," explains Steven.

When emotions are running high or are uncontrollable, there are ways to return to a calm and logical state in order to make the correct decisions and have the correct reactions.

Firstly, identify the emotion. Spend some time reflecting on your thoughts, and then be still and attentive to your body. Your heart might be beating quickly, and your hands may start to perspire. Emotions can have a physical effect on the human body. This can give you some ideas about how you are feeling. Both excitement and stress can trigger these feelings. Try to comprehend these feelings and any potential causes behind them. Are you anxious because of a significant presentation you have looming? Are you anticipating a fresh opportunity tomorrow at work? Have you argued with a loved one? Are you having trouble relating to someone? Once you have worked out what the trigger is, it will be much simpler to manage your emotions and recognise how they are affecting your behaviour.

It is important to regulate your reactions to emotions, not suppress them. Suppressing emotions can lead to negative outcomes. Besides having outbursts or bad reactions, the suppression of emotions can lead to anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, tense muscles and pain and in some cases substance abuse. When trying to regulate and deal with emotions, ensure that they are not being swept under the carpet and that they are being correctly dealt with and understood.

Determine the emotions that are being felt. "If you are suddenly feeling many different emotions, it is important to check in by asking yourself a few questions. What emotions are you feeling, what caused these feelings, what can you do with those feelings and always think if there are better ways to deal with those feelings," says Steven.

Know when to express emotions. For example, if there has been a misunderstanding at work, an emotional response could be anger. However, there are certain situations that require more control or restraint. Being aware of surroundings and environments can help to decide when it is okay to let one's feeling out or when it's time to hold back for a moment.

Itis important to keep stress under control. If someone is under a lot of stress, it becomes difficult to manage emotions. Finding ways to manage stress or keep it under control can help control emotions. Some ways to try and cope with stress include, getting enough sleep, making time to be with loved ones, spending time outdoors, and making sure there is time for relaxation and hobbies.

Tony Steven is an Australian author, speaker, realist and educator who shows you the immeasurable power you have over the circumstances of your life. After a lifetime of research, reading and education, he has written a book entitled 'The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility'. The lessons in the book can help you to increase self-awareness by realising that how you respond to your emotions doesn't only affect you but it also affects those around you.

Tony has also developed keynote presentations, webinars and educational seminars to show people that they are the ones responsible for their actions. Tony will lead you away from emotional motivations and help you see life for what it is, and provide key information for you to see the truth.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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