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Whilst alive we are separate; we stand alone as individuals. Responsible for how we act and react and therefore to a large degree we are in charge of our own destiny.

Have you ever considered how individual and separate, even cut off, we are from everyone else? We don’t know what other people are thinking, we don’t know what they are going to do, we can trust them but even that requires a leap of faith.

When you look at life objectively, you'll see it's quite a strange experience that which we are going through currently as independent individuals.

I would suggest the natural order of things would see us together as one connected and all-knowing overall consciousness. But alas we are trapped all by ourselves, all alone until death.

While we're here on earth and in this realm, living our lives, we are cut off, and the only time we ever feel any real love and connectedness is within ourselves and any semblance of closeness we can build with another individual.

The fact that we search for love must say something about our need and want to be once again connected. When we are connected to others and feeling confident within ourselves, we experience a better life.

Family, friends, loving partners, and even acquaintances are all influencing our lives all the time.

So, let us explore what it is to become independent, individual, and separate.

From birth we are dependent upon our mother and to a lesser degree our father for everything. Without them we would not only not be born but we would not be able to live the first years of our life. We are one of the most helpless babies born in the animal kingdom. But as we grow so does our own self-consciousness, we begin to pull away from our parents to become independent and exploratory.

Our life is an experience, one to be treasured, honoured, and respected. I have got no idea how this was calculated but I understand the chances of you becoming “you” we're in the trillions to one. It is a gift, one that didn’t have to happen and doesn’t have to continue.

So, having this opportunity to be an individual and self-aware as limited as it may be is an extraordinary opportunity for not only yourself as a sperate being but everything you are connected to before and after life as well. Whilst here you influence the future just by breathing and taking up space.

Now that you are here you might as well take advantage of this experience and build a worthwhile and giving life that will enhance those around you the world itself and the universe. No matter how hard life is things will change and even end, nothing is surer.

Being self-aware, aware of the decision maker behind your mind, the entity that your concrete thoughts have to face in order to maintain a clear conscience, is the guide for achieving a wonderful experience that is called life. This decision maker, if you like our soul, our conscience, is the key to taking control of your responses to your emotions and the external circumstances you find yourself in. With practise and discipline this decision maker/soul is the connection to the oneness I spoke of earlier.

With all experience being based on the duality principle in life, in other words nothing can be experienced unless it has an opposite, We have an opportunity while still alive to experience our life through our consciousness but it is still our decision whether we make that experience a good or bad one in our perception .

We can live our life through fear or love, fear is based in our primal brain and will always help us survive but often at the cost of others, however love is based in our conscious brain and will thrive when we extend love through giving to others to the plants and animals around us and to the world as a whole.

When we take a responsibility for our place in the universe as small as it is we are well served. Whether it be in the way others treat us or the condition that we leave this planet in when we do pass on its all vital.

My advice would be to always look for opportunities to give, learn and teach, and consciously drop the fear in favour of love.

Tony Steven

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