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Gratitude and Gratefulness

Gratefulness suggests a state of being and gratitude suggests an actual response—a change in behaviour toward someone or something.

In my about to be published book “The Answer is You” I say that gratitude is something that has to be worked on by each of us every day. I say this because It's not a natural state for human beings to be grateful, it’s a conscious state. This is because we are always living in the past or the future. We are constantly remembering the past or imagining the future. But gratitude is found in the present, the now!

Being mindful of the present is very powerful indeed, understanding the concept properly and harnessing it is like having a superpower. The more we are in a “now” mental state the better our outcomes will be.

“Now” moves along with time, always changing, and it's only when you recognise its a moving constant that you can harness its power. Then you need to exercise it, overcome procrastination forget emotional reactions and think in the smallest steps possible.

Gratitude and Gratefulness
Gratitude and Gratefulness

Practising gratefulness for what you have, where you are and who you are with will build a more aware and giving mind set, which is required for a happy life. Happiness is a state of mind that is built in the present by yourself. As soon as you look backwards or forwards in time memories and expectations will pollute your gratitude mind set and set you back.

Gratitude for what you have now will influence your mindset that governs your behaviour and actions, the results are amazing. A grateful approach will change the way you feel and secondly change the vibrations you send out and there receive back from others. People gravitate to people they like, people like grateful people. Over time the results are even more impressive as these vibrations actually influence the environment around you and positive reactions happen.

Being grateful and knowing what you are grateful for helps you maintain a positive attitude, being positive influences other people around you therefore making your goals easier to achieve.

Try saying thank you at least three extra times a day, this will start to make you think about what you are thankful for, to whom you're saying it and why? And it will bring you into the present.

Also make a list of the things in the past that you are grateful for, your parents are a given of course, also look at the opportunities you have for the future. Think about each of the items on that list and feel the gratitude that goes with each independently.

Pay it forward, why not spend an extra $4.50 at the coffee shop and pay for the next persons coffee, pick up a piece of paper laying on the footpath or say “I love who you are” to a friend of family member. Each of these acts pushes you into conscious thinking instead of the free-flowing daydreaming we mostly experience. Being grateful in words and in action cements the mindset you need for happiness and a good life.

It’s the focus you apply, what you pay attention to that makes the difference. Seeing what you have in life as compared what you don’t have in life changes the way you behave and interact with the universe. People react to you differently as does nature itself. Life will provide abundance to you if you see abundance, simply because that is what you are focusing on.

Having the right mindset and thinking about what’s happening now and then taking positive action is the key.

Feel free to share and until next time...the answer is you!

Tony Steven

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