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Meet Australian Author Tony Steven - The Answer We Need

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Tony Steven - Australian Author, speaker and educator!

Introducing Tony Steven, esteemed Australian author, speaker, realist and educator, who shows people the immeasurable power they can have over the circumstances of their life.

Tony has developed keynote presentations, webinars and educational seminars to demonstrate to people that they are the ones responsible for their actions. After a lifetime of research, reading and education, he has written a book entitled 'The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility'.

In Tony's book, he identifies and highlights that one must not escape the truth any longer; there should also be no blaming; or taking offence in one's life. Tony explains the power of enabling self-responsibility and an awakening that will explain life and the way one should live it. Tony's book is currently on sale, and is promoted on his website.

For 30 years, Tony Steven worked in the Not for Profit sector, ultimately finishing his illustrious career as the CEO of the Australian Medical Association in Tasmania. For many years, he ran his own Association Management Company where his clients included the Council of Small Business of Australia and the National Independent Retailers Association. He was also the State Director of the Liberal Party of Australia in Tasmania in the 1990s.

Tony holds a Diploma in Business Management, Certificate in Front line Management and Hospitality and is a Distinguished Toastmaster, with Toastmasters International. Having extensive experience in the not for profit sector, Tony has represented many associations nationally, and has been a member of many Boards, Committees and lobby groups at both the State and Federal level. He has also made many international representations.

Tony served as the President of AuSAE, (Australasian Society of Associations Executives) throughout Australia and New Zealand, overseeing the redevelopment of the organisation, and its increased in membership ten fold.

In his seventh decade, Tony has the knowledge and experience to educate and guide many to take the control they need to exercise self-discipline so that they can work for the life they want. Unlike most coaches, Tony leads people away from emotional motivations and helps them see life for what it is, and gives the key information for people to see the truth.

As a Keynote Speaker, his mission is to take the audience on an investigation of themselves and flip the table, so to speak, showing how much people rely on false meanings and incorrectly assigned emotions. His presentations seek to show the audience how much power they actually have over their lives and explain how to take control of their destiny.

During his pursuit of self-accountability for many, Tony also explores another area of possibility where the majority of people are trustworthy, tolerant and resilient. In this particular presentation, Tony explains the depth of awareness many have and how to use it for the best results.

"Imagine an economy where more people contribute, where more people can be trusted, where efficiency reaches dizzying heights, an ecology where humanity sits within nature's capacity, where jobs begin to disappear and engagement is more important than employment," says Tony. These elements form part of his presentation and packages.

Our reliance on process is a huge contributor to developing a rigid workplace culture, Tony, discusses the importance of trusting staff and letting them serve the customer fully. He elaborates on the importance of decision-making and trust for an employee's true development within the workplace.

Tony's hard dose of reality is just what's needed today, as many tend to live in this bubble and the ideal that the world owes them an explanation, that their downfalls are not of their doing. While this may seem to be a rude awakening for many, it is indeed true. "The world is a tough environment, and we must take ownership of our circumstances and decisions," says Tony.

Only then, will many be able to develop a tough exterior to criticism, become accustomed to the uncertainties of the current reality and hold themselves accountable for what they've done and will do in the future. In the same breath, transparency and trust must be harnessed to the maximum, in every facet of human interaction. The development and importance of trust stands as the solid foundation of Tony's presentations and is further built upon with self-responsibility and most importantly, altruism.

"Trust can be tangible if it can be seen to be reliable. To build a better world we need to give, trust, and engage," says Tony. "We need to support as many people as possible to believe in a mindset where they are self-responsible. This is so we can witness more people giving to others, making us all less self-focused. Also we need to modify bad behaviour by making more people self-aware," he adds.

He also emphasises the concept of kindness. "Kindness without expectation, is a gift, an act of service or putting the wants and needs of another before your own. Kindness is considered a virtue and is recognised as of value in many cultures and religions," says Tony. "Being kind is generous, giving, friendly and considerate, it can be a word, an act or a gift. Something with a conscious or even unconscious intention behind it," adds Tony. Therefore, Tony poses the question, as a recipient of kindness, what should be judged - the kindness or the intention behind it?

Tony's perspectives and ideals, as mentioned, are from a place of intense experience and education from personal and professional encounters. Visit his website and view his range of presentation specialities, seminars, and a taste of his sought-after book "The Answer is You!: Awaken to your self-responsibility" available now for purchase. Simply click on the book title link above, and embark on your rejuvenating journey to self-responsibility.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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